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Our Promise

At Charles Joseph Remodeling, you are our priority. Everything we do is geared toward ensuring you are happy with your remodeling experience. As the leading boutique Fairfield County Connecticut home remodeling contractor, we will put you first.

Why You’ll Love Charles Joseph Remodeling…

Before the Construction Begins…

Our Design-Build Process

To make the remodeling process smoother and more enjoyable, we’ve developed a unique design-build process; it’s a combination of best practices and proven procedures that provide you with greater value and a sense of control.

The design-build model brings the whole remodeling process, from design through construction, under one roof. The benefit to you, is that your design will fit your budget, the process will be smooth, and you know you will get exactly what you want. At the heart of our design-build process is consistent, open communication through each project phase. Our clients tell us that they actually enjoy the experience of working with us.

Value Engineering

We offer value engineering because a home designed with your priorities in mind is a home you will love to live in. The key to success with value engineering is to take the time to understand what is most important to you. Once we understand this, we can plan the project so that you get the most value from your remodeling budget. One remodeling project will not fit every homeowner, but we believe one remodeling company can. You can count on us to take the time to understand what you want and to deliver on it.

Why You’ll Love Charles Joseph Remodeling…

During the Construction Phase…

Super Clean

If you have ever had a remodeler who didn’t make it a priority to keep the project’s dust and dirt from getting to the rest of your home, you will really appreciate the fact that our crews take the time to keep the worksite safe, clean, and most importantly, keep dust and dirt confined to the work area.

Jobsite Rules

Plus, we post Jobsite Rules that all of our employees and subcontractors are required to follow.

  1. No smoking on the property
  2. No outside food or drink (except water)
  3. No loud or profane music or language
  4. Cover and protect all finishes
  5. Do not stand on, or place tools on any surface without protection
  6. Clean up after yourself daily
  7. Be safe at all times
  8. Respect the family, pets, neighbors and neighborhood

Why You’ll Love Charles Joseph Remodeling…

Post Construction…

Our 5-year warranty and follow-up ensures you’ll be happy with your project. We will call you to schedule warranty visits three, six and twelve months after your project has been completed. We will set a time to test smoke alarms, touch up grout and caulk, and inspect for water leaks among other things. We make the effort to follow up because it’s important to us that everything is just right and you are happy with your remodel.

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How the Design-Build Process Works 

Charles Joseph Remodeling began using the design-build process in 2009, and it has been a proven roadmap to success for remodeling projects. Our unique process leads to 91% of projects completed on time, 100% at the proposed cost, and clients who are happy with the end result. To keep things simple, the entire design-build process consists of three phases: the initial contact, the design phase and the construction phase.

Step One: Initial Contact

Talk to us, we would love to discuss your project with you. We want to discover your reasons for remodeling and what you are looking to accomplish – is your family is expanding – want to increase flow or usability – is the home’s condition under-par for the neighborhood or its potential? Whatever the reason, understanding your needs is a critical element to creating a great design. During our on-site meeting, we will share our process for guiding you through a successful remodeling project, and if you like what you hear, we’ll move to the next step.

Phase Two: Sign the Design Agreement

Throughout this phase we work together to develop a design that meets your needs and to specify the finishes that represent your style.  You will be presented with solutions, guidance and advice to make your project a success. On a later visit, you will interact with your 3D design on a 21” touch screen computer, which allows you to view your project from nearly any angle. The fees for this phase are for design only and are separate from the cost of construction. Some of the most important advantages to our design-build process are that you will save time, significantly reduce headaches and errors, and lock in your project cost.

Phase Three: Sign the Construction Agreement

At this point in the process, you’ve approved the product selections including floor plans and elevations, and been given a fixed price for your project. When you sign the construction agreement, a schedule and start date will be set.  Our seamless design-build process will save you valuable time because we design to your budget and oversee the entire project – from our initial conversation to the turn of the final screw. The entire team at Charles Joseph Remodeling will keep you in-touch and as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process – especially during construction.

Design-Build Process

What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to do a home remodeling project. The design-build approach brings designers and professional construction crews together under one roof. This means only one company is responsible for the details of your project – and we take that very seriously.

Our seamless design-build approach improves workflow, creativity and accuracy. Workflow is improved because your build team thoroughly understands your design and its challenges. Creativity is increased when suggestions from the build team lead to improvements in your design. Accuracy is improved because your project is thoroughly specified and everyone on the team, including you, is informed of the details. Errors are also minimized because the designs are thoroughly reviewed by the build team before the project begins. Because we attend to all of the details in the design phase, you can enter the construction phase with ease.

Our goal is no different than yours: We want you to be ecstatic about your remodeled space. If we run into problems, we will work together to resolve the issue with little or no disruption to your project. One critical component of our design-build process is to manage the project schedule effectively and complete the project on time. Our refined design-build process makes this possible.

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Our Unique Design Process

The design process at Charles Joseph Remodeling is structured to provide our customers with outstanding service and exceptional design solutions.

Our design process includes the following phases:

  1. Pre-Design Session and Brainstorming
  2. Computer Aided Three Dimensional Design
  3. Design Development and Enhancement
  4. Detailed Construction Documents

Essential Design Service

Our essential design service has been developed to meet building code requirements, reduce errors and to enhance communication with complete and detailed construction documents.

The Essential Design Service will typically include the following:

  • Initial design meeting, advice, solutions, guidance and idea sharing
  • Computer aided three dimensional design with touch screen “walk through”
  • Collaborative design development and enhancement
  • Detailed construction documents
  • Response to national and local building code, and energy code requirements
  • Up to three line item design options
  • Outlined material and product specifications
  • Proposal for fixed price construction

Extended Design Service

Charles Joseph Remodeling also offers extended design services to meet specific project requirements and client expectations.

Extended Design Service options include the following:


  • Site analysis and planning
  • Site utilization studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Field measurements and as-built documentation

Jurisdiction approvals

  • Historic Preservation and Landmark Board review
  • Board of Zoning Adjustments review
  • Variance request
  • Site Plan Review
  • Local planning, development and zoning board requirements
  • Other processes or applications requiring administrative or public approval

Design and analysis

  • Integration of passive and active solar design
  • Integration of green building materials and energy systems
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) analysis
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
  • Landscape design
  • Interior design

Construction documents and cost estimating

  • Additional line item design options
  • Additional price estimating
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